Route description

and historical references

This itinerary takes its name from the family of Roman consuls, sent by Rome to command the city of Arezzo, who probably built a manor on the hill of San Giovanni’ Parish Church, to enjoy the view of the plain between the Arno and the Chiana. It starts from San Giovanni’ Parish Church and goes up the crest of the hills that separate the town of Capolona from that of Talla, passing by Mount Ferrato (720 meters). The route then descends to Bibbiano, where you can admire the remains of the castle, and ends at the railway station of Capolona. Along the way there are many panoramic points on Arezzo and the surrounding hills, the valley of the Salutio stream and the slopes of Pratomagno. At point 22 you can deviate to San Giovanni’ Parish Church by making a loop path of 10 km; this route passes through the villages of Casavecchia and Apia. At point 26 you can reach Poggio Grillo (600 meters away) from which there is a view of the lower Casentino and the Mount of La Verna; here there is also the stele in memory of the battle that took place in 1944 between the German and the Allied armies.

San Giovanni’ Parish Church can be reached by bus from Arezzo and you can return by train from Capolona.

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with references

WaypointDirezioneDistanza totaleDistanza parziale
1Piazza del Pozzo. Behind civic 1. On the opposite there is the well. Go right and then ignore the streets on both sides.0,000,00
2Bus stop on the right. Go left and stay on the dirt road. After a few meters walk next to olive groves.0,11 0,11
3Cemetery is on the right. Follow the street on the left on the dirt road. Then follow the main road. Enter the typical rural landscape.0,260,15
4Cypresses on the left. Go ahead.0,430,17
5You will go next to the vineyards. Continue.0,620,19
6Go right towards Galealpe (Arezzo Sport and Nature signposts).0,820,20
7Go right towards Galealpe - Pratacci (Arezzo Sport and Nature signs) and then follow the main road.0,950,13
8Domestic pine on the right. Go left uphill. Follow the red-white CAI signpost. 1,210,26
9Coniferous reforestation on the left. Go ahead. 1,500,29
10Go left on the path (signposts Arezzo Sport e Natura and CAI white-red). Ignore direction Pratacci.1,700,20
11Fenced vineyards on the right (with gates). Go ahead. 2,120,42
12Farmhouse with cypress trees on the left. Go ahead on the path (white-red CAI sign). Enter the forest. 2,420,30
13Ignore uphill left path. Go ahead.2,800,38
14Fields on the right (hedges and typical rural ecosystem). Go left uphill and then on a dirt road. 2,980,18
15You will go next to walnut trees. Continue. 3,040,06
16Large stone buildings will be on the right. Go ahead.3,160,12
17Terraces on the left. Go ahead. 3,230,07
18Abandoned stables. Go left and then left again uphill. 3,940,71
19Go right uphill.4,120,18
20House and fence will be on the left. Follow the fence4,400,28
21Gate on the left. Maple trees on the left. Go right. 4,490,09
22Big Rock on the left. Go left uphill (go right to follow the alternative path towards San Giovanni’ Parish Church; see other roadbook).4,660,17
23Hospital. House and a small church on the left with pastures. Go right uphill on the path. Ignore Castiglion Fibocchi - Casa Vecchia -San Martino. 5,500,84
24Go to the right. 6,601,10
25Arrival on asphalt road. Go right and then immediately left on the path (red-white CAI trail). Enter the area of cultivated truffles and you can observe the recolonization of abandoned cultivations.7,030,43
26Go right downhill, on the dirt road, towards the Borghetto di Carra (to reach Poggio Grillo: go ahead towards Carra and immediately after go left uphill (Arezzo Sport and Nature signs).7,970,94
27You will find the signpost “Il Borghetto di Carra” on the left. Going on the right downhill on the asphalt road, you will enter an area with old terraces. 8,250,28
28Go left downhill. You will find a Fig specimen after a few meters on the right. 9,170,92
29Continue towards Capolona. 9,260,09
30Ignore the road to the right to Ierna-San Martino Sopr'Arno. Go ahead. After a few meters you will see fountain on the left and a specimen of Cedar of the Atlas on the right. Go ahead on the main road (Castello di Bibbiano on the left).9,330,07
31Elm on the right and Spruce on the left. Go ahead.9,430,10
32Electric pole on the left. Go left on the path.10,340,91
33Ignore uphill path on the left. Go ahead.11,160,82
34You will arrive on a dirt road. Go right downhill.11,240,08
35Vineyard on the right and small building on the opposite. Go left through the olive grove.11,600,36
36Go right and pass the house.11,770,17
37You will arrive on an asphalt road. Go right downhill. 12,180,41
38Go left on the parallel path to the vineyard. If the gate is closed go ahead on the asphalt road to point 46.12,210,03
39Go left along the vineyard.12,350,14
40Go right on the path into the forest.12,500,15
41Methane pipeline sign on the right. Go right.12,820,32
42Pipeline signs on both sides. Go right.13,300,48
43Cross the stream and go right uphill. Then follow methane pipeline signs. 13,390,09
44Methane booth on the right. Go left and then continue on the dirt road. 13,570,18
45Cross the stream.13,770,20
46You will arrive on the main road. Go left. Ignore directions Botti-Talla-Bibbiano.13,800,03
47Go ahead and ignore directions Arezzo-Poppi-Bibbiena.14,600,80
48Go left, head towards the centre. Ignore direction Castelluccio-Casavecchia. Then go forward always.14,740,14
49You will arive at the Capolona railway station.15,200,46

Species and natural phenomena that you might observe along the way:

the colors of autumn, the red-backed shrike, the Short-toed eagle, the Riccioli Snake, the Honey Buzzard, butterflies, traces of the Wolf, orchids, the Nightjar.

Alternative route to San Giovanni’ Parish Curch from point 22.

22Big Rock on the left. 0,000,00
50Small building on the left. Next downhill.0,54 0,54
51Gate on the right. Go left downhill.0,930,39
52You will arrive on an asphalt road. Go left downhill towards Casavecchia-San Giovanni’ Parish Church.1,000,07
53Casavecchia. Go left (signpost Arezzo Sport e Natura) and then ignore roads on both sides.1,170,17
54Casavecchia sign. Go right on the dirt road (Arezzo Sport and Nature signs).1,500,33
55Area with vast meadows. Go ahead.1,670,17
56On the right you will find an example of wicker. Go ahead.1,800,13
57Fig specimen on the left. Go Next.1,820,02
58Ignore paths on both sides. Go ahead.2,080,26
59You will face a tree with white-red CAI sign. Go right on the path.2,160,08
60Go right.2,200,04
61You reach a 4x4 track. Go right2,240,44
62Ignore the path on the right. Go ahead on the wide and beaten path.2,810,57
63Ignore the path on the. Go ahead.3,180,37
64Go ahead on a wider and beaten path.3,260,08
65You will arrive on a dirt road. Go right.3,410,15
66Apia. Specimen of Gelso on the right. Go right uphill on asphalt road. 3,760,35
67House number 41 on the left. Go left on the downhill path (see red-white CAI sign).3,810,05
68You will arrive on the asphalt road. Go left downhill towards San Giovanni’ Parish Church.3,940,13
69Pass the bridge and go right on the path (white-red CAI trail). The path follows the stream. 4,000,06
70You will arrive on an asphalt road. Houses on the left. Go right.4,560,56
71Go right and then immediately left (Piazza della Libertà).4,660,10
72Go right into Via Pier Landi.4,760,10
1Piazza del Pozzo 4,810,05

Species and natural phenomena that you might observe along the way: the Apennine Frog, the Nightjar, the River Crab.