and historical references

The path starts at the railway station of Capolona-Subbiano and climbs up the hills passing by the hamlets of Il Santo and Ponina. It then runs along the ridge passing by the Castle of Belfiore and descends to the valley passing by Bibbiano. The end of the walk is at the railway station of Capolona; from here you can return to the starting point by train or lengthen the route of about two kilometers, following the indications given in point 70.

This itinerary is named to the bandit Sagresto, who was called Raffaello Conti, born in Ponina (at the farm called 'Il Pruno') who filled the newspaper chronicles between the late 800 and early 900. He was described as rebellious and antisocial, fierce and ruthless but in reality he was nothing but an “unfortunate cobblestone'.

The route crosses the typical rural landscape that once dominated the hills. The environment that can be observed in this area is extremely important for its complexity and extension.


with waypoint

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with references

WaypointDirezioneDistanza totaleDistanza parziale
1Capolona-Subbiano railway station. Platform 2 behind. Go left.0,000,00
2Go right, direction Lama.0,04 0,04
3Go right and then follow the main dirt road.0,140,10
4Giant Reed on the right. Go ahead.0,410,27
5Walnut specimens on the left. Go forward.0,580,17
6Ignore left downhill road. Go ahead.0,610,03
7Maple trees on the left. Go ahead.0,840,23
8Go ahead.1,000,16
9Ignore right uphill road. Go ahead.1,120,12
10Go ahead along the cypress road.1,19 0,07
11There is a house on the left. Go ahead on the path. You will enter the coppice forest.1,320,13
12Go right uphill.1,370,05
13Go left and then stand on the beaten path.1,400,03
14Go left uphill.2,020,62
15Go ahead.2,140,12
16Go left.2,180,04
17Pond on the left. Go ahead.2,210,03
18Ruin on the right. Go ahead.2,390,18
19- Go left along drywall.2,460,07
20Arrivals on asphalt road. You will find domestic pine on the left. Go right. From this point you can observe the typical rural landscape.2,960,50
21Go left. Enter Il Santo village.3,930,97
22Cross the road and continue towards Ponina. You will enter an area with vast lawns.4,080,15
23Ponina. Go left uphill the dirt road.4,710,63
24On the right, street number 202A. Continue uphill on the path4,760,05
25Ruin on the right. Go left.4,880,12
26Gates on the right and left. Go left on the dirt road.5,080,20
27House on the left. Go right uphill on the asphalt road.5,600,52
28Belfiore tower on the right. Next.5,880,28
29In front of the gate. Go right on the path (white-red CAI sign) and then immediately on the left.5,970,09
30House with fence on the left. Go ahead.6,130,16
31Go left along the fence. Then follow the main path. Ignore deviations on both sides.6,270,14
32You will have a house in front of you. Go right uphill.6,580,31
33Go left on the path that runs on the edge of the field (white-red CAI sign).6,760,18
34Go left (white-red CAI signpost) and then follow the beaten path.6,810,05
35Go left.6,930,12
36Reach a group of houses. Go left downhill.7,080,15
37Go right.7,100,02
38You will arrive on an asphalt road. Large hedge on the right, in the edge of the field. Go right.7,15 0,05
39Go left.7,260,11
40Go right on the dirt road. From here you can observe the rural ecosystem7,31 0,05
41House on the left. Go ahead on the asphalt road. 7,650,34
42Large example of Downy Oak. Go right on the dirt road.7,800,15
43Mulberry trees on the right. Go ahead8,030,23
44Go ahead.8,070,04
45Ignore the uphill right path. Go ahead.8,180,11
46There will be a gate on the right. Go uphill on the path.8,400,22
47Terraces on the right. Go ahead.8,53 0,13
48You will arrive on a dirt road. Go left.8,70 0,17
49Go left downhill. After a few meters you will fin a Fig specimen on the right.9,20 0,50
50Continue towards Capolona.9,27 0,07
51Ignore the road on the right to Ierna-San Martino Sopr'Arno. Go ahead. After a few meters you will see a fountain on the left and a specimen of Cedar of the Atlas on the right. Go ahead on the main road (Bibbiano Castle on the left).9,360,09
52Elm on the right and Spruce on the left. Go ahead.9,440,08
53Electric pole on the left. After a few meters go left on the path.10,350,91
54Ignore left uphill path. Go ahead.11,16 0,81
55You will arrive on a dirt road. Go right downhill.11,250,09
56You will find a vineyard on the right and a small building in front. Go left through the olive grove.11,62 0,37
57Go right passing by the house.11,790,17
58You will arrive on an asphalt road. Go right downhill. 12,180,39
59Go left on a path parallel to the vineyard. If the gate is closed go ahead on the paved road to point 67 and then continue.12,220,04
60Go left along the vineyard. 12,36 0,14
61Go right on the path into the forest.12,490,13
62On the right you will see a sign of the gas pipeline. Go right.12,82 0,33
63Gas Pipeline sign on both sides. Go right.13,30 0,48
64Cross the stream and go right uphill. Then follow the methane pipeline signs.13,390,09
65Methane booth on the right. Go left and then continue on the dirt road.13,55 0,16
66Cross the stream. Go ahead.13,77 0,22
67Arrivals on the main road. Go left. Ignore directions Botti-Talla-Bibbiano.13,810,04
68Go ahead and ignore directions Arezzo-Poppi-Bibbiena.14,60 0,79
69Go left towards the center. Ignore Castelluccio-Casavecchia directions. Then go always forward.14,72 0,12
70- Capolona railway station (to return to Capolona-Subbiano railway station: cross level crossing and then always continue. After 300 meters you will arrive in Piazza della Vittoria, go ahead on Via D. Alighiari. After 1.4 km you will arrive to a crossroads with traffic lights, go left. After 100 meters you will arrive at the station).15,200,48

Species and natural phenomena that you might observe along the way:
the colors of autumn, the red-backed shrike, the short-toed snake, the Riccioli snake, the Honey Buzzard, butterflies, traces of the Wolf, orchids, the Nightjar, the Apennine Frog, the river crab.