Route description

and historical references

The hike starts at the hairpin, where the access road to the village begins. This circular route runs in the northern part of the municipality, between Il Santo and Lorenzano. In the first section it follows the Zenna stream and then climbs up the ridge of the hills. The area is a bit of a secret corner of the province of Arezzo, little known to hikers. In addition to the panoramic points on the lower Casentino and the Arno valley, the route reaches places of great historical interest such as the Castle of Belfiore; this can be reached, with a short detour, from point 22.
The itinerary is dedicated to the Lombards, the civilization that has left important evidence of their domination in the territory; in Poggio Carpineto it seems that the powerful family of the Lombards of Carpinito lived there.

GPX Track

with waypoint

Route directions

with references

WaypointDirezioneDistanza totaleDistanza parziale
1 Lorenzano. Majesty is on the left. Go right downhill. 0,000,00
2Go left on the dirt road.0,300,30
3Field Maples on the right. Go ahead.0,610,31
4Continue on the main road.0,730,07
5You enter an area rich in pastures and hedges. Go ahead.0,800,16
6House on the right. Go left on the main road.0,96 0,29
7Chestnut Grove on the left. Go ahead. 1,250,19
8Coniferous reforestation on the left. Go ahead. 1,44 0,06
9Ignore the left uphill road (direction Santa Lucia). Go ahead.1,500,37
10Ignore the dirt road on the right. Go ahead.1,87 0,27
11Old terraces on the left. Go ahead. 2,140,08
12Ignore the dirt road to the right. Go ahead.2,220,06
13House and walnut tree on the left. Go right downhill.2,280,16
14Cross the stream and go ahead. 2,44 0,20
15Go left uphill.2,640,52
16Begins the cypress avenue. Go ahead. 3,16 0,40
17Shed on the right. Go left.3,560,17
18You’re in the woods. Go left.3,73 0,48
19House on the left. Go ahead. 4,21 0,15
20Large specimens of Downy Oak and Cerro on the left. Go ahead.4,36 0,04
21Stone house and specimen of Cedar of the Atlas on the left. Go ahead. 4,40 0,18
22Arrivals on an asphalt road. House on the opposite. Go left uphill on the dirt road. If you go right uphill on asphalt road you reach Belfiore Castle (250 meters).4,580,53
23Gate on the right and left (n.213-n.214). Go left on the uphill path. 5,11 0,38
24Go right uphill.5,490,50
25Go right. Immediately after, the two paths come together. 5,990,29
26Go left. From this point you enter a chestnut grove. 6,280,08
27Go ahead and follow the beaten path. 6,36 0,12
28Go to the left. 6,480,15
29Go downhill and follow the beaten path. 6,63 0,24
30Go ahead. 6,870,36
31Electric pole on the right. Go ahead. 7,23 0,05
32Chestnut tree on the left. Go ahead. 7,280,10
33Go right. 7,380,11
34Go left.7,490,11
35Ruins and cypresses on the left. Go ahead. 7,620,13
36Go left. 7,690,07
37End of the descent. Go left. 7,860,17
38On the opposite fence and pastures. Go right.7,93 0,07
39White building on the left. Continue downhill.7,93 0,18
40Arrival on asphalt road. In front there is an olive grove. Go right downhill. 8,210,10
1Lorenzano. Majesty is on the right.8,36 0,15

Species and natural phenomena that you might observe along the way:
the colors of autumn, the red-backed shrike, Short-toed eagle, the Riccioli Snake, the Honey Buzzard, butterflies, traces of the Wolf, orchids, the Apennine Frog, the Nightjar.