The parish church of Saints Giovanni Battista and Marino is a sacred building located in the locality of Pieve San Giovanni in Capolona. The ancient parish church was probably founded in the 5th century and was dedicated to Saints Giovanni and Martino. It was very important until the 10th century, when it was ceded by Teuzo di Sassello to the Abbey of Sante Flora and Lucilla. In the 18th century, it was completely renovated (in the current counter-façade, sandstone blocks from the Romanesque period are visible).

It was again restored in the apse in 1929.

The façade is of the gable type and the interior has a single nave with a wooden truss ceiling. On the side walls, there are two late-Mannerist altars: the left one preserves a 14th-century wooden crucifix. The interior of the parish church has an elegant and decorous appearance. It preserves a beautiful wooden crucifix from the 14th century, repainted later; it cannot be excluded that it comes from the nearby Campoleone Abbey, which surely had to preserve many works of art. Above the main altar, there is a large 17th-century canvas depicting the baptism of St. Giovanni; on the right, there is a chapel dated 1645, whose structure resembles that of the Church of Santa Maria in Gradi in Arezzo by Ammannati. At the altar, there is a crowned Madonna with the Child in her arms, surrounded by a frame with stucco squares depicting the mysteries of the Holy Rosary; next to them are paintings of St. Peter and St. Vincenzo Ferreri. In the sacristy, there are elegant vestments from the 17th and 18th centuries. Three very ancient bells are mounted on the bell gable.